Welcome to Daily Bird Pottery!

We believe everyday ware should be beautiful and practical. We intend for you to enjoy each piece as you use it … touch it … look at it. We draw inspiration from the many natural elements that are part of our daily lives to design and craft pottery cookware, serving ware, tableware, and sculptures. We throw and sculpt everything here in our studio, using no molds. Our small crew takes the time to imbue each piece with artistic intention, making each piece truly unique.

Please enjoy your visit to our virtual studio, and contact us with any questions or special order requests. And if you are in Port Townsend, stop by to see us! We also show and sell our wares at regional summer markets and fairs.

Everyday Art, In Touch With Your Everyday Life

Cradle a bowl in your hands, wrap your fingers around a mug, lift the lid on a butter bell. Connect with the tactile earthiness of the rich, red clay, unglazed and natural yet fired to solid impermeability. Tip a teapot, feel the balance perfectly shift to pour. Let your eyes savor the whimsy of the branch-shaped handle that emerges from the round body and twines around to fit your grip. And go ahead, ring the bell … then close your eyes and listen to its clear, pure tone.

Enjoy the aromas and flavors of your signature casserole, steamed sugar peas fresh from your garden, strawberry-rhubarb pie from a recipe handed down through generations of your family … Daily Bird Pottery cookware heats quickly and evenly for picture-perfect results. Serving bowls and plates, tumblers, tankards, and cheese dishes help set the table in stylish simplicity … Daily Bird Pottery tableware lets you keep it casual or dress it up as suits your mood and occasion.

Everything we make is frostproof for outdoor use and safe for microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. Outdoor pieces are fully weatherproof, happy in summer sun or winter snow.

Reaching Through Time

We bring in the rich red clay we use for all our pottery from the Ohio River Valley, where it is mined from extensive clay fields left in the wake of retreating glaciers about 12,000 years ago. Ancient cultures used this clay to make cooking pots, storage jars, water jugs, and figurines. Iron oxide gives this clay, which has a fine texture suitable for both thrown and sculpted pieces, its uniformly red color. Silicas and other minerals give this clay its superb plasticity when we work with it and its robust permanence after we fire it.

This Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

We call our pottery “naked” because you see and feel only the natural clay. Yet beneath this natural beauty lies unrivaled durability. Our firing process seals, hardens, and strengthens the clay, permanently changing its chemical and molecular structure. The clay needs no glaze when fired to its full maturity. We hand-burnish each piece for a smooth, unblemished finish.

Our processes bring out the best in the clay to showcase both artistry and function … and to highlight the best in the foods and beverages you prepare and serve in the Daily Bird Pottery pieces you bring into your everyday life.

Playing With Fire And Smoke

For some of our pieces we use a process called saggar firing to create a blackened, patterned effect. After first firing the piece in the usual way, we wrap the piece in plants or set it in a bed of sawdust and then seal it in a can and fire it a second time. The intense heat of the second firing process essentially vaporizes the carbon in the plant matter or sawdust, fusing it onto the surface of the piece. Saggar firing can produce solid, mottled, and imprinted colorations for one-of-a-kind results.